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Warfare wargames show
Is anyone able to offer me a lift to the Warfare show in Reading on Sunday 17 November; happy to contribute to transport costs. Failing that no worries. Cheers.
Hi Mark,
does that mean you are not attending on the Saturday? I have just worked out that I can go on the Saturday so can offer a lift, if that suits you.
Hi Mark

I was looking at going up on the Sunday so happy to pop over and collect you.
I was also going to ask if anybody else wanted to go up and split costs etc

Will you be at club on 16th?
Hi Mark
May I take you up on your kind offer sir? Will be at the club on 16th as I will be paying money to Graham for services rendered so see you then. John W shan't be going on Saturday, have fun.
Yes Mark

See you on 16th to confirm time etc

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