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Gettysburg - tv version
Hi all

Stumbled across the TV version of Gettysburg yesterday afternoon. Really good. Part 2 today and the final day with Pickett's Charge tomorrow. Well worth watching on catch-up if you can.

Its shown in 3 x 2 hour episodes with the second today at 3pm on TRUE MOVIES which is free on free-view and also on Sky. Not sure if its on Virgin though.

Each episode covers one day of the battle. Its acted and not narrated and has a cast of thousands (pre-CGI) of ACW re-creationists so the drills, uniforms and stuff is as accurate as it can be. Loads of big stars in the prime roles and no love story interest throughout.

Its filmed in the Gettysburg war memorial park and this is the only time they have, or will ever allow it. The events are filmed as close to the actual places they happened. The spent a fortune taking down and removing anything not there at the time.

I must have a look on my self recorded discs as I seem to recall that I copied it back when it came out which must be about 15-20 years ago.

A link to the info about this is at

Thanks Mog. Only problem is my freeview doesn't seem to have TRUE MOVIES. Some freeview channels only seem to be available if you have a satellite dish. Is it one of those?
It may be I have sky.
I have a freeview box and seen this movie there, although i do have the film on DVD. Great film though

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