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I'm back
Hi all

who, I almost hear you ask.

OK, joking aside I have been away since last year and I am not sure what has been going on in my life has filtered down so will give a quick breakdown.

In Jan this year my father passed away so I joined the orphan club.

The same day I received a call from the hospital advising me I had Crohn's disease and would I like to be part of a medical trial. As I work in a medical trial unit (not the one doing this trial) I didn't think I could live it down if I said no. For those who don't know what Crohn's is, it is a nasty incurable disease that can effect both the upper and lower intestinal tract. It makes it sore, can cause bleeding, the runs and stomach cramps. In severe cases it can lead to surgery to remove some intestine. The trial was to give mild to medium cases (like mine) the treatment normally given to severe cases to prevent it progressing.

All went well until about April this year. Has a severe attack and could barely move for a week, no energy, body aching, hot and cold flushes and mad dashes to the loo. Found out by chance that the hospital had another 40 cases all the same. Called back to the hospital in the following week and the meds were dropped drastically. Blood tests were still not going well so whisked in for further tests and ended up with a few inches of intestine removed.

Felt ok'ish until Jun when I pulled my back doing ( I don't have a clue) and still suffering with it and cant bend far or twist to the left very much. Got to wait till October for an appointment with the physio for it. God bless our wonderful health service.

So what have I been doing gaming wise in the meantime. Not too much gaming, in fact nothing at all except for solo gaming. Been trying to get some painting done but my hands seem to have the shakes a little more. I did get quite a few Alien/Preditor/Marines painted for AVP v2 if anyone wants a go. Painted up a load of miniatures for Dropzone Commander (anyone play that in the club?). Completed a batch of a different tribe of Africans and started working on 28mm German East Africans for late 1800's. Maybe have them rouse some tribes for my British to suppress.

Anyway, back to trying to get in every second weekend so invites to game always welcome. Always willing to have a go at anything and can come up with an idea or two to put games on if people want a go. Now where was I in trying to work through my metal mountain under my desk??

Have fun all, catch ya soon.
Welcome back
Pleased your back on line now mate.
Cheers Kev

P.s. Thanks Phil.
Hope you continue to recover

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