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Battletech 1st June 2019
Hi ,

game for this Saturday is 3025 Era BattleTech drop zone attack by periphery troops on a Federated commonwealth planet.

please post here if you are interested in joining in but I will have to limit this game to 6 players max and I have 3 so far. (me,Tom,Mark)

Own mechs are welcome please message me what you have and I will try to incorporate them into the scenario, but the era and tonnage will be restricted to 3025 and the area the fighting is taking place.



players so far are:-

Adam P
Mark W
Tom C
looked like a good game using the new city map
(06-03-2019, 09:43 AM)Law Wrote:  looked like a good game using the new city map

Yep, was fun, thinking of buying a few more and having a city scape game at some point as the difference in heights and restrictions due to jump movement restrictions made it an interesting tactical game.


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