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Battletech Game Yesterday (23 MARCH 19)

Thanks for letting Bradley jump in on the BT game yesterday.  He had a cracking time, thoroughly enjoyed it.

I have now lost all my unpainted plastic 'mechs from the last starter box to him, plus, because I had the nerve to paint up the Atlas and Battlemaster for a Horizon Wars game, I've had to buy replacements for him from RPE...

He's now pouring over and eyeing up my shelf full of primer paint deciding on a colour scheme for his 'mechs!  Salute 2019 is going to be expensive I think!!  Wink

Dave W
Glad he enjoyed it.

It was good to play BT again. If you need sheets, Mark still has heavy metal pro so just ask
Thanks mate. I have a load of pdfs with sheets in, but as with all BT it depends on what era/century you play in these days so HMP is a bonus!

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