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Lardy Day
Hi all,
just spent an excellent day over at Salisbury Green at Lardy Day. An amazing game of Bag The Hun in which I did not fire a single shot followed by a Chain of Command game in which the Desert Rats sorted out the Italians. Great work by mark Backhouse and his crew and many thanks to him.
Yes, a really fantastic day - eleven superb Lardy games, not one period/theatre duplication, and I won twice as WW2 Italians (CoC Western Desert - not John's game - and BTH Malta - both were rulesets I'd never played before). They had a limit on numbers this year, due to other groups using some of the bigger rooms, but are thinking about hiring the main hall as well next year (slightly bigger than ours) as they were massively over-subscribed, so up to 10-12 more tables, potentially. I realise that there were external issues that forced our three games to withdraw early on, but it would be nice to have more of us there next year.

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