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9th February
Once again I find myself "Billy No Mates". Anyone else either in the same situation fancy a game of something . Or happy to join in with something else.
If any one is up for it I fancy Poor Bloody Infantry (3rd edition) but can be persuaded otherwise.
I have a FoG:R game against David Eggleston in the morning, but from about 13:00/13:30 would be free to join you in this if you are looking at more than one game/units arriving late or similar. I should add that I've never played it before and have no WW2 figures etc, but am willing to learn.
That sounds good to me Brendan. The game is quite easy to pick up and I can supply two suitable forces. Also a game should last about 2 to 3 hours so would fit nicely into the afternoon.
How are you doing on players for this? I am now committed to playing Brian as part of the ECW campaign (although there is always the possibility of an "early bath" for one or other of us), but I think Patrick might be interested in a game, as he is going to be staying with us over the weekend.
Patrick has made other arrangements for Saturday, so no game for him. (I'll email this to you elsewhere to make sure you get it.)

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