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2019 Renaissance Cup
For the past two years we have run a mini renaissance FOGR competition toward the end of the year, the winner of which gets a small trophy to hold for twelve months, "The Renaissance Cup". Won this year by Brendan in spite of his reputation as being the worst die-roller at the club.

It has always been a bit tight getting the games organised to try and suit everyone in such a narrow timeframe so next year we are running the competiton for the whole calendar year. All games are timed 3.5 hours in duration to 800 points. You can play any game covered by the FOGR rules lists against any other participant in the competition using historically compatible armies. The only major stipulation is that to qualify for a ranking you must play at least six games over 2019.

It is open to anyone at the club, not just us old FOGR stalwarts.

If you are interested in taking part just speak to me at a meeting or send me an e-mail or message via this forum and I will let you know the full rules of the competition as well as details of the recently released official amendments to the rules themselves.
Just to add that we are not using all of the FoG:R amendments published on the Slitherine website, just the ones we like and that we feel maintain the integrity of the rules. Also, you must let Paul know who/when/what armies you are playing BEFORE the game to prevent any skullduggery with regard to "losing" unfavourable results.

It just remains for me to thank my agent, my wife for kicking me out of the house for an entire weekend in October, my older son for lending me his luxury camp bed, John Watson for lending me the army I used, Jon Philp for throwing even worse dice than me, my parents for isolating me from other children my own age and forcing me to seek solace in such a solitary pursuit, the committee for allowing me to become a member, Toyota for making our Previa that got me and my stuff down to the club, Sainsbury's for the fizzy fruit drinks whose bottle tops provided my disorder/fragmented/rout markers, The Guardian newspaper for making me aware that as a straight, white, English-speaking adult male I am personally responsible for everything that has ever gone wrong in the world, at any time in any place, all the folks at work, everyone who knows me, and anyone else I may have inadvertently overlooked. I don't see this as a victory for my superior tabletop skills and ruthless will to win at any cost, so much as a collective success for all of the participa.......nah, bollocks, it's a victory for my superior tabletop skills and ruthless will to win at any cost.

Anyway, cheers!
Smile  Smile  Smile
I'm in. Can field Late Polish/Cossack, Italian Wars, Later Henrician, Nine Years War Anglo Dutch, ECW (any). If I pull my painting finger out I could have Bavarian TYW, Elizabethan and Austrian/German States 1600 done sometime next year.
Does anyone want to kick off the Renaissance Cup on 12th January with one or two games? If so I am free and can field any of the above armies, although I fancy ECW.
I am available for two games that day, also.

How about my (distinctly average) Bavarians v your (vastly superior) Anglo-Dutch for the pre-lunch scuffle?

You're welcome to find another opponent for the second game, but if none are available, I'll take you on at ECW with my NMA, as well.

Alternatively, I'm happy to take someone else on at ECW (or a second game for the Bavarians).
Brendan that sounds great. Sausage crunchers v Orange peelers in the morning and NMA v Montrose Scots after lunch. I will let Paul know.
And they're off!!

Fast work getting out of the stalls this early!
Well, John probably did more than me (albeit unintentionally - and somewhat painfully!) to secure my win, so I thought it only fair I should accommodate him.

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