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Hi again
Hi all, it has been a (too) long time since I have last attended a club meeting. My little girls have grown now, my wife no longer works on Saturdays: I start having a bit of free time again.
But all has not been lost, I have kept painting!
As I was telling you recently when I paid you a visit, I hope to play some afternoon sessions. I am looking at the 16th of November.
I have, ready to play:
- an Anglo-Danish 4pt warband for Saga
- a French Sharp Practice force (about 100pts)
- a French infantry Division (15mm frontage)
- a French heavy Cavalry division
All in 28mm, see my blog:


PS: I could not retrieve my old password and had to re-register on the forum...
Welcome back.

I have a force for sharpe practice

I have dark age Irish on the lead pile, but no where near the the top.

Played SP once, keen to give it another try. Not sure about the above date.
Reply back here if I can make it.

Welcome back Laurent. I'm sure we will be involved in a game together soon. I don't have anything to face you at present and I think I am already committed on 16th.
Hi Mate long time no see/ hear from you .
Glad to see you are getting in the loop .. again .. Well last time we played i think it was 10mm nap age of eagles .

Will be good to see a nap player in club will have to sort out a game sometime ..not many at the club 8(
well not enough any way .. got 2 british inf brigades now and 2 french Brigades done now just need cav .. oh and a 10mm Ottoman nap army as well ..
Happy gaming mate hope to see you at the club soon Dave.v

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