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Last meeting before Xmas
As usual, the intention is to put on an X-Wing game and just have a bit of fun before Christmas comes along to wreck diets and waistlines.

This year, it’s going to be a slight change. Aliendave has an X-Wing mod that allows you to play through the Death Star trench run scenario.
So plenty of X-Wings, A-Wings, Y-Wings and TIE fighters required.

Make your choice, defend the proper, right thinking Empire or turn traitor and be an evil Rebel.
Down with the empire
Quiet in the cheap seats, Rebel scum!

Attached is the scenario Darren is referring to.  We can run set squads or a 'run wot you brung' affair - either option is catered for in the scenario setup.

I have some A4 'not Death star' sheets to make up the playing surface, plus some 2D turret markers.  May look into getting something a bit more 3D in time for this!

.pdf   DeathStar_Trench_Run_Singapore_V.1.2.pdf (Size: 972.5 KB / Downloads: 6)
This game will now be gaslands. I haven’t had time to sort out the Trench Run stuff

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