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October weekend mini Renaissance tournament
A couple of us are running an early Italian Wars FOGR tournament during the October long weekend. A little twist though as this will be an "Average joes" tournament which means that only Average, or Poor, troops can be used. Early Renaissance period and armies as below, 800 points:

Maximillian Imperial
German States
Italian Wars French
Trastamara Spanish
Italian States
Italian Wars Venetian
Early Henrician English
Border Reivers
Anglo Irish
Peasant Wars to 1516
Caroline Imperialist to 1525
Early Ottoman Turkish

So those of you fed up with your average Italian , English and Scottish armies never getting a look in against their veteran European neighbours, the playing field has been levelled!

There are a few tweaks but rather than going over all the tourney rules here drop me a line either on the forum or e-mail if you want any more details or want to take part:

Oh, and there is a small trophy you get to keep until next year if you win Smile
Hello Paul, would very much appreciate if you could put this in the members area under the October weekend header. Thanks Kev

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