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Peter Pig 8th September
Anything we need to bring, other than dice (although after some recent outings, I'm hoping to "lose" mine en route.....)?
Just your lucky dice and huge amounts of folding money to bribe me into losing!!!!!!!!
Seriously though a biro or such like as there is a very small amount of book keeping at the start and finish. Just recording your chosen options at the start and then recording your victory points at the end.
It should be fun.
A big "thank you" to Mr Watson for organising this; one to Derek/Mog for providing the rest of the opposition, and a very, very (VERY!!!) tiny "thank you" to Martin Goddard from Peter Pig for all his "helpful advice" during the two games!!! I cannot remember the last time so many melees and shooting phases went against me in one afternoon.....thank heavens John's dice were almost as bad as mine!

Seriously, well done guys for organising this; and Martin - let's see more of you at the Club in the future. See you all at Colours next Saturday.

Where I shall be buying some new feckin' dice.
Wonderful games. Many thanks to Martin and Jon and to Brenden

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