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Food for thought
Hi all

For all of you out there who either know they have a big collection or think they have and want to know it's value for insurance purposes, follow this link

I honestly had no idea how much my stuff was worth but this gives you a very decent idea

I suspect a few of you will gasp at how much your collections are worth
Mate i best not go there with my stuff ! lets leave it there.

What you need is A Uncle Bob and Uncle Kev to keep some of your stuff, that way if mee house get burn down i still have figs, AND the other half dont know you have them ++++

Mr Callow you must have a bit of room to store my New Ottoman 10mm Army ? 8)

I find i now count armys by the Base now . 8s
My own place is choc full of stuff, no room for even a mouse

I am a bit ashamed of myself for getting as much as i have and not spending my money far wiser

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