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Free on 28th
Hi Both

John - Going to use "Wooden ships and Iron Men" - Converted to free-play from hexes. About as complex as that WW1 ruleset we used the other week for Dogger Bank.

Brendan - Yep afternoon only. Looking forward to it.
Ditto, Derek.

Warning/Disclaimer - I haven't played WS&IM for almost three decades now (still have my copy in the original AH large flat box!), and haven't played a naval game of any kind since the late 1980s (from memory, my British frigate got "run over" and sunk by a French 1st rate whilst trying to zig-zag out of trouble ie avoid being raked through the stern cabins). Hornblower/Aubrey I most definitely ain't!!!
Derek - Thanks for two great games this afternoon. Sorry that I cheated in the second one by not maintaining the line - my excuse is that I was channelling my inner Nelson! The dicce certainly favoured me in game 2.

Happy to play that again whenever.

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