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Avalon Hill Naval Games
Hi All

Managed to snag a bargain on EBAY. A collection of out of print Avalon Hill Naval Games in PDF format. This includes rules, counters, board (if applicable) measures/templates, Errata and other reference stuff. The list is:

Tokyo Express
Flat Top
Attack Sub
War at Sea
Woodern Ships and Iron Men
Victory in the Pacific
Peloponnesian War

Most of these I haven't played before but I used to play both Jutland and Wooden Ships Iron Men a lot back in the day. Both are quick to play and simple rule-sets. Happy to burn off a copy of any of them if you would like. You would have to supply the printer and paper though. Dont think where I work would appreciate me burning it all off. Smile

Not a bad haul for £6. I noticed a copy of Jutland going for over £60 last week.

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