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Unexpectedly free on 14th
Hi Guys

As the title suggests I find myself at a loose end this Saturday

Anyone else in the same boat?

Happy to discuss
I also find myself free. What do you fancy?
FOG A Derek?

How many points can you do with your Alans and what dates do they cover?

I will draw up some opponents for them if you like
Can field up to about 1k. With different lists can cover from about 500BC to about 1600AD
say 900 points

What time date?
Sorry Mark. Not going to be able to make it now. Bit of an issue with the father-in- law in Essex so going to be there this weekend.

Maybe next time
no problem
i was going see if anyone was up for DBA But can bring 800pts galatian vs early seleucid (273bc) or 700 vs later seleucid or if your visigoths can be later 711 ad vs 860pts umayyad arab if you are already sorted i will go back to plan B
Thanks for game yesterday Bob. Really enjoyed it. See you soonish

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