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5 may - looking for an intro to SAGA 2
Hi all

Have got the new Saga and hoping someone would be free to give me an intro to the game. I think I have the broad outline from the rules but am quite confused about some bits. Have purchased a Saracen army (6 points plus a few options) but not painted and enough for 6 points (+ options) of steppe but not even put together let alone started painting.

I was wondering..... I still have a lot of Zulu to put together/paint. I know it wouldn't be historically acurate but would like to see if I could misuse another army board/list for them. What would other people recommend. It would be entirely foot and javelin missile weapon armed. I was thinking maybe dark ages Scottish/Irish as pagans/spirit worshipers??
Hi Derek,

David Hewkin and I might be down on the Saturday, subject to what is happening with his dad (who has been unwell recently). We won't know for sure until Friday, though, but if it is a goer, we would be happy to walk you through the new version. If he can't make it, it will just be me, but I don't have any factions painted yet, so you would have to supply both armies, rather than just one if he can make it.

Would that be acceptable?
Hope Davids Dad is feeling better. Not just through self interest as I also have an elderly not in the best of health Dad.

I only have one army stuck together right now so me providing both may be a problem and that one has only started its conversion in colour today so not a lot done. I don't mind using unpainted figures if that's what is bothering you and I'm not too worried if they are different periods.after all, its just to get used to the rules.
David usually supplies both armies for our games (although I have a Norman force "in prep"). I'm not a snob when it comes to unpainted, or merely primed figures, especially when people are just starting out. I'll see if I can borrow a force from David - and pass your good wishes on to him for his dad.

If not, do you want to do something Zulu-ish (as in Colonial), and we can leave the SAGA 2 learning curve for a month or so?
UPDATE: David won't be coming, as his dad may be coming out of hospital on Saturday, and he needs to be available to collect him. However, he can lend me an army, so we can still do the SAGA 2 thing, if you wish.

I have to come down anyway, to return an army to Paul Marsh, but unless I hear from you to the contrary, I shall assume we have a game on.

See you on Saturday!
Yeah a sage game would be good
Thanks for the games yesterday, Derek. I think we both learned a lot from the SAGA 2 episode; the Colonial game was also great fun, in an extremely perverse sort of way! I think it takes the record for how often I've thrown precisely the worst dice possible in one game!!! I think it would be a good game for everyone in the Club to play once, so we can see how each member handles the same problem.

Btw, I forgot to ask - has anybody ever "won" or do the Zulus do it every time?
Nobody has won the patrol yet but you got closest to the objective so far. I may have to tinker with it a bit more to get the balance right and give more of a chance to the Brits. That or have more Brits. BTW you got closest to surviving the unused markers.

I enjoyed the SAGA game as well and am glad that that time spent watching the "how to play the game!" vids payed off. I think the biggest element in the game is the planning of what skills to have available rather than just the placement of troops and how the attack dice roll.

I just need to find the time now to sticvk the shields and arms back on the Zulu's that nee it Smile


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