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ECW campaign
Hi all,
is anyone interested in an ECW campaign? I was thinking that it could run from September through to May 2019. It would us FOGR as the basis for any battles and I will devise/plagiarise some campaign rules. If anyone is interested please let me know on this thread and say if you have a preference for one side or the other.
Once I have the numbers interested I can decide if it is a goer.
Yes please mate, parliament or Covenanters my preference .
Cheers Kev
Count me in got royalist or parliament
steveb Wink  
I'd certainly be interested - how are we calculating armies, is it whatever you've got, or an 800/900-point force per person?
Once I have an idea of the number of players then I can decide the army sizes etc. In general terms though I am hoping for at least 3 or 4 players a side for this to work. If so then each player would be either King or Parliament side and allocated a starting town or city and an army of 650 points (for example). So a starter army. To increase the size of your army you will need to capture further territory by taking towns, but, of course, you must defend what you have. Fighting battles will help to reduce the effectiveness of the enemy, if you win, and allow you to improve the quality of your army as your raw recruits turn into veterans etc.
Sounds excellent. Definitely in. Don't mind which side, but my only structured army is New Model.
I’ll declare for the King!

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