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SAGA question... or 2
Hi all

Thinking of getting into Saga and wondering if people are playing version 1 or 2. I did have a look on the Gripping beast website and saw it there. s there much/any noticible difference between the 2?

If not that website has cheaper copies of the version 1 stuff on sale. If I do decide to go for it which bits do I need. WOuld I be better waiting for Salute?
David Hewkin and I have both just purchased SAGA 2 and, from just a read through, it does seem a lot better organised and more rational than SAGA 1 (which we have both been playing for some years now). Here is a double-review - written and video - that explains the primary differences:

And here is a forum by the game' designers, on which you can ask any questions you have:

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