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Salute 2018
I Bought 1/600 aircraft for dogfights over Mancharia in 1939. What did others buy?
Met a nice chap on the Magister Militum stall who helped me pad out the X-Wing collection for Bradley, who was well chuffed to get a BB-8 card in the mix. Next stop, Poe Dameron's X-Wing I think.
Also got some GZG Hammers Slammers infantry that will be painted up as Romulan mooks, plus some of their SWAT types for a long term Manga project not entirely unrelated to Ghost in the Shell....
Picked up a few 7TV bits (a not-Krang, plus some not-Bond Minions, some not-Space 1999 crew and a cameraman to film them)
Had a look at Paul's painted aircraft over at Tumbling Dice, but I think I've got most of them already (Jet Age stuff, that is) so passed on that.

Gaming wise, we squeezed in three games with the RAF playing toy tanks (literally!) but didn't manage to get a slot on the TMNT table over at Crooked Dice sadly. On the plus side, I've got the rules and most of the minis to play Ninja Turtles, just need some sewer scenery or something approximating downtown 'New Yoik'...

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