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Hello From Sunny Hedge End
Hi Gents,

Thanks for the warm welcome for me and young Bradley yesterday.  He really enjoyed playing X-Wing, even if he lost his A-Wing in the first turn of the last game (!!) and it was a laugh for me too after I'd brushed the cobwebs off!

Most of my toy soldier collection is 28mm skirmish level stuff (Deadzone, Konflikt '47, 7TV) but I also have a fair bit of 15mm sci-fi (Traveller/GZG) and Moderns (Force on Force/Ambush Alley), some 6mm moderns (Brits 1990s) and sci-fi (GZG, Battletech, using Horizon Wars rules) plus a load of modern air stuff using Tumbling Dice 1/600 aircraft and rules.  I have an 'embryonic' Dwarf force for Kings of War (about 1/3 painted, using the old Grenadier minis from EM4) but haven't gotten around to playing it yet....  Copy & Paste that last sentence for at least a dozen other projects, too I suppose.

Currently working on a Star Trek game in 15mm using GZG minis for Federation crew, Klingons and Romulans.  Still looking for a decent Gorn proxy and a mini of Kirk with that ripped shirt he always seems to wear!

Dave W
Hiya Dave, good to see you both y'day . Pleased you both enjoyed yourselves.
What are the 1/600 modern aircraft you have and do you use Check your 6 by any chance?
Cheers Kev
X-Wing went well and Bradley did seem to enjoy it
@Kev - I use the Tumbling Dice minis and their Wings at War series of rules, which I find are fairly simple yet give a good game on a club night.  At a tenner a pack, you get a scenario in a bag and they're a good intro intro into a specific period.

I've got all the CY6 Jet Age books, but have yet to play them, plus a few other rulebooks that are gathering dust somewhere (Bandits, & Fox Two Reheat from memory).

@Lawrence - he said it's the best games he played ever.  Don't get too excited though - he only started this February!  Big Grin

Dave, CY6 jet age game on at some time........after May if ok with you. I have Falklands war and Russian stuff.
Cheers Kev

Sounds like a plan. I'll dust my books off.


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