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Mid Week Roleplay??
No, not the 50 shades of sort but the one using D20s!!!

Karl and I are looking to run some roleplaying games using the online platform Roll20.

Roll 20 is free to use, is browser based (so no download required) but does need chrome of firefox to run (internet explorer and safari do work but you don't get all the features).

No rules knowledge is required.

We plan to run them mid week at times determined by peoples schedules, roughly once a fortnight. 

We intend to run D&D 5E and Call of Cthulhu 6th to start. Probably one shots (the whole adventure completed in one session) to begin with, until people are comfortable with the mechanics.

If people would prefer face to face games we can look into that. We opted for the online option as it makes the logistics simpler.

Let us know if you might be interested and we'll set something up.

All the best

Phil and Karl
The basic D&D 5th rules can be found here for free.

Call of Cthulhu here.
I will give it a go guys,
Cheers Kev
Not really my thing these days but I am up for more board gaming if anyone else is interested.
May be available mid week after Dad's Taxi
Worth mentioning that there's a built in voice software. A headset will be needed. Mine was about £10 from Asda and works a treat.

Darren BS is also interested
Those who are interested if you could set up an account on Roll20 then i’ll Send you an invite to the game. (Private message me the email you used)

Have a mooch around and get a feel for how it works. Happy to talk you through if you need any help.

If you have a particular character in mind send me a private message and i’ll Set it up for you.

I have already set a a few generic starter characters ready to go..


Have a look a vassal. it’s for playing board games online they have hundreds of games. Karl and I use it all the time.
Hi Phil,

Does the roll20 for iPad app work in conjunction with the browser? So if you are on the browser and I’m on the app for example, would that work?
I believe it does.

Phil is off on holiday soon if not already. Will be looking to get something organised in a couple of weeks.


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