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Penarth Crusade Visit
Hello Guys,
As you all know this show, due to my life membership of the Penarth club, has become an annual visitation by members over the shows weekend. A great time believe me, many reasons direct this statement but the statement is honest.
We presented two games as the show, both well accepted and interacted with the attending public. I thank all those who supported this attendance, a grand effort.
Our 25/28mm portrayal of the Indian Mutiny of 1856 came second overall in the demo game competition, very surprising as we tend to portray games which are achievable by any age or expertise of gamer.
We therefore have been noted in a very professionally presented blog obtainable on the link below;

Looking forward to the next one guys, awesome .

Cheers Kev
Well done, Kev and the team.
Very very nice presentation. You did yourselves and the club proud with that.

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