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nom de plume unmasked
I have some ambivalence, bordering on fraud, posting something here. I justify it on the basis I have adopted a pseudonym of Odysseus and, on reflection, should give everyone more of a clue who that nom de plume actually is.

I have attended a few meetings and to some I may appear a new member. Conversely, to others, I am the oldest member they can remember. I attended the inception meeting of the Society back in 1967. Always on the committee in the early years, I subsequently became the first President of the Wargames Society in 1975. With the members enthusiasm as our biggest resource, I steered the Society through the early years. Later, work and family life lead to me moving away from Southampton and the Society. At one point even reaching the frozen tundra of Macclesfield.

I am glad to say I am back in the south, living in Dorset, and unshackled from routine work. This has lead me to resume attending the Society, where I hope to unleash my enthusiasm and interest in the hobby. Not to mention meeting many of you personally.

Already a couple of things make me smile. One is that I have noticed rules incorporating features I sketched out 15 to 20 years ago. More satisfying is seeing some members who attended when I was President back in the '70's still keen members today. They have impressively developed their interest and skills in modelling and gaming over the years.

While I like to attend meetings, maintaining continuity will be difficult because, in recent years, I have tended to spend about 30 to 40% of the year out of the country. So, if you think I am not attending much, that will be the reason. When I cannot attend for reasons of geography, I am optimistic this website will benefit me as a resource to keep in touch. This makes me very grateful to those who have conceived and constructed the website.

I know these intros should be succinct, but I am just notorious for being unconventional!!

Steve Smile Shy

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