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Just posting to say hi and ask if the club plays ADLG ?
Hi Janos,
Thanks for making contact. There are a few members who play/have played ADLG but I would not say on a regular basis. Most of the ancient through to renaisance gaming is played to FOGA or FOGR or impetus. You are welcome to come along and see what goes on at the club. Hope to see you.
Cheers Kev
Hi Janos,

I have played AdlG and would like to get better!

Dib Dib Dob Fish Tricycle!
I would be interested in learning if quicker than FoG
I believe it uses the same base sizes, so armies will not be a problem. I seem to recall a renaissance version of ADLG being discussed - did it happen?
I have played quite a bit of ADLG away from the club with a few regular playing partners, I much prefer it to FOG personally. Would be happy to show people at the club, only problem is I cannot make it for the foreseeable future (until at least February).

The renaissance version has been talked about quite a bit but no sign of it yet.


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