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Ottoman Turkish progress?
I heard a rumour several months ago that I was not the only person planning to do an OT army this year. It seemed we were about to go from Dave Edwards solo representation to an explosion of 15mm Turks so just wondering how anybody else is getting on?

For my part I went with Old Glory figures and finally got started in the early summer. Progress has been slower than usual due to major interruptions from real life but I have completed eight units of mounted. Infantry are mostly painted but not based which leaves artillery, commanders and camp to do with a projected finish around the end of February.

Then starting again to add the various bow armed infantry which will enable me to use them in FOGAM as well as FOGR. That's one of the things that appealed about the Turk, one and a bit model armies gets you four actual armies from the FOG lists. Very cost effective!!
What! And I've been painting Minoans all this time! Any way they are about 2/3rds finished.
Ah Minoans. Are these the guys with lots of heavy foot defensive spears and heavy chariots? Another Biblical army at least.
Looks like a different opponent for Mad Max and his boys in blue. Bring 'em on!!!

(He's happy to fight the Minoans as well, but possibly not so much fun - and a lot more embarrassing when the dice don't go my way.....)
I was planning to start an Ottoman army but decided against it

With Mr Edwards and you Paul i think the Ottomans will be well served
Yes Mark you were the one I was aware of. Can't remember who else but as you say still two in the club to serve the Sultan.
He will be happy as long as you get into Vienna, no more no less
Hiya Paul, II still have approx 6000 pts of the Sultans forces using Gush's rules. They still serve the Sultan and if my memory is correct they have attempted Vienna twice..........entertaining game, usually ends in a blood bath.
Cheers Kev

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