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Fat Wally's Magic Wash Recipe
Recently a couple of club members have asked about my Magic Wash recipe. Its on my website under Painting Services but a couple have said they can't open it....So, here it is.....

Kev’s Magic Wash

I'm not a fan of Army Painter generally. I prefer a black wash not a brown one, or even a dark brown one. Black offers a greater contrast between colours but does make the figures look perhaps a bit cartoony for some people. Then again all my figures use it.

I don't like AP for 15's particularly as it doesn't flow, even when you try to thin it with turps. Then it goes gloopy, the tin gets gunged, and you end up chucking the residual bit making it even more expensive.

I do make and use, and much prefer, my own 'magic wash'. I've been using it for at least ten years now though some of my painting service customers ask for AP finish to fit with their existing collections.

I use Pledge Multi-Surface Wax (which used to be called Klear in the UK, Future in the US). You can get it in larger Robert Dyas, Tesco and Sainsbury's or even Amazon. ... urface+wax

Its a milky acrylic carrier which is much better than AP at sticking to the crevices and is the consistency of milk. It also dries in half an hour so no need to wait overnight. The link below tells you how to make it. ... icwash.htm

I use Windsor and Newton, or Dr Ph. Martin’s Bombay, black ink with my mix and tend to knock up a whole Coffee jar sized mix which lasts months. I base my figures on sand and glue textured bases and I actually dip the entire base with figures mounted in the mix. This seals the base and figures and as it is thinner than AP runs away easily off the figure onto the sand.

I usually dilute the Pledge 50:50 to start with water, topping up with water, or Pledge, as the level diminishes over time through use. The more Pledge the less surface tension and consequently the more flow.

Start off with 2/3 of a 100g coffee jar size and add about 1/4 of a 14ml Windsor & Newton ink pot. Try it on a test figure. If it’s too dark add more water/Pledge. If it’s not dark enough add a few drops more of ink, until you get there. Eventually you'll get to the stage where you can tell almost by looking, when it’s right.

I use a grey undercoat now and using the magic wash on it makes the details jump out before you get round to painting. I the use it after the figure is painted too so my stuff gets it twice. As with AP its a good idea to add a highlight after a wash to increase 'pop', particularly to plumes etc.

Another tip. When you've got it right, don't shake the container but give it a good stir before using it each time.

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