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John Mollo, RIP
John Mollo, author of a number of books on military history and uniforms, and costume designer/consultant on several films, has died in a care home in Wiltshire, England, on October 25th. He was 86 and the older brother of Andrew and Boris. I would suspect that many of us have at least one of his books (probably either the AWI or SYW uniform tomes, illustrated by Malcolm McGregor and published by Blandford) and have certainly seen at least one of the films he worked on (which started with "The Charge of the Light Brigade" and went via "Star Wars", "Alien", "Revolution" and "Zulu Dawn", through to the "Hornblower" series).

A talented man. Rest in peace.
I recall using his 'Uniforms of the American Revolution' (Blandford Press) as part of my research material for a school history project. RIP.

Dib Dib Dob Fish Tricycle!
As you say guys, used many of his works for reference over the years, still have them.
Cheers Kev
I too have used many of his books for uniform reference. A sad loss indeed.

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