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FOG AM Version 3
Thanks for your opinion Dave

Version 3 not for me

'Certainly can't stop a player drawing the matter out as long as they can under V3 to try for a draw though'

Why enter a competition if the intention is not trying to win and hang on for draws?
Seems a bit strange to me for someone to enter a competition without thinking about trying to win it
Quote:Slightly countering the faster combats there is a significant change that you can't double drop from shooting or if you only lose close combat by 1 hit.

I don't think this is a change. You could never double drop from shooting and it required two more hits received than inflicted in combat to cause a DD in both V1 and V2.

The other reason for making Impact more decisive was to reduce the effect of armour which has been perceived to be too effective. A similar philosophy has been extended to the revisions in the FOG Renaissance set but used a different mechanic to achieve it.

I like some of the changes they have made but not all. My main reason for not going with it though is do I want to spend a big chunk of my wargaming budget to get a faster game that most of my regular opponents are not bothered about?

Quote:Seems a bit strange to me for someone to enter a competition without thinking about trying to win it

Everybody enters with the hope to win (well, except me Sad ) and after two rounds they maybe in with a chance if they don't lose the last game. That's when you have someone playing for a draw.
Paul, you sound like a manager of old Italian football teams of the past, mind you playing for a draw with possibly 850 points on a table that is 30% smaller than the normal size is tricky in my opinion
I think tricky is putting it mildly.
I am too much of a pessimist to have been even an old Italian football manager. My teams would never have left the dressing room!

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