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FOG AM Version 3
I believe this will be out soon at the hefty price of 32.50

Is anyone planning to get version 3?

I am unaware of what the changes are
Hi Mark,
officially the new rules were released on 30/09/2017 for £29.95, but as they are being stocked exclusively by Caliver the price seems to be £37. The rules are supposed to be less complex and to make it easier to get a result in competition play. I have heard that there will also be 3 new books of army lists in due course to replace the old ones. There is a review of the rules on the Wargamer blog website thingy. Two things highlighted on there is more dice per base at impact and high quality troops cost more. I don't anticipate getting the new edition.
Thanks John

Sounds like a money making exercise if i was being cynical
Not a money making exercise as no rules author or publisher(outside of GW possibly) ever makes a huge amount of money from rules publishing.

From what I can tell from following the development over the past year or so this version has been driven mostly by the competition set who wanted a faster game following the arrival, in particular, of Art de la Guerre. This the new edition delivers particularly with higher attrition, less slowing by light troops and many other changes.

I am a big FOG fan but like John I see no need to get the new edition. I am quite happy to play a friendly game taking three hours or so and I find some of the changes un-necessary and highly contentious. There are a few things I am not happy with in V2 but nowhere near enough to fork out for a new edition and army lists.
I searched online for information and i found a lot more dice on impact as one aspect. With potential for attrition caused by that i can see why competition gamers would like it.

Also saw that there will be only 3 army list books now but at about £25 that is expensive.

I will be staying with version 2 too, for purely economic reasons.

Thanks for the views gents

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