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Saturday 7th October
It's an all day meeting and I have no game arranged.
Is there anyone else in that situation who wants a game?

Captain Bob
I'm Free. What do you fancy?

How are you on FOGA?
You were asking earlier about naval rules - would you like a C20 naval?
I have several sets of rules to choose from.

What would you like.

Captain Bob
I can field a FOG A army if you wish although I am quite rusty as haven't played it for quite a while. Mongols or can change them a bit for hunnic types depending on the period.

I would definitely like to have a go at some naval though if you can.

OK lets do a FOG A game with not too many points and we can discuss naval games as well.
My most modern(sic) army is the Jewish revolt of 66 or 132AD.
Your Mongols would have to become Hunnic to reduce the gap from over 1000 years.
Would 800 points be OK for you?
Shall we settle on that?

Captain Bob
I have had a look and could do Scythian so that takes it back as far as about 800BC. After all, its a tweak of the same army. OK the figure wont be strictly correct but.....

800 points would be fine but be gentle. I haven't played FOG for about a year and only did a few games then.

Derek (Mog)

Hi Again Bob

Just checked my army list books. I can do Early Alan which is the list before your Jewish Revolt so should be fine.


OK so you can field your Alan army.
See you Saturday.

Captain Bob
Thanks for a great game Bob. Very much appreciated


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