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Saturday 9th.
Hello Chaps,
I am putting on a WW2 Naval game in 1/600 scale. Part of a theme for Lawrences October Operation Sealion game. At present. there are 3 of us, could do with 2 more victims, er meant participants. If you fancy it let me know.
cheers Kev.
Hello Kev
As I've had no reply to my request for a game, happy to participate in your WW2 Naval 1/600 scale bash. Cheers.
I am game free on Saturday as well.
Would be more than pleased to join in your naval game.

Captain Bob
Hi Bob, this post relates to the last all day meet which was September 9th.

I believe Kevin is doing a completely different game over the long weekend but i would suggest you check with him to be certain
HE he.

OK Ill be honest, I nearly said the same and asked for a place. It was only my bad interweb thingamybob connection right now that thwarted me. I am looking for a game though.
Hello Mog(Derek)

We both seem to be without a game do you still need one?

Captain Bob

p.s. If so should start a new thread?

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