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Bournemouth Beachhead 2018 Sat,Feb 17th .
Morning Lads
Andy has asked me if any of you chaps would like to put on any games at the show for next year ?

They are looking for inspiring display and particularly Participation games. If you feel that you can help out or put on a game please let me know .

see you all next saturday dave, v
Planning on departing from the Star Wars theme we have used for the last 2 years. Going to go for another participation game using my Space Hulk terrain. Currently buying the extra figures needed. Hopefully, we should be able to cope with 6 playes at a time. Darren and Ian have offered to help.
Thats great news will put you down on the list. 8) Thank you for putting on another participation game , If you need anything just ask ,
dave ,
Yes, I want to do star wars legions. But not being released till Christmas time.(no definte date yet) Gathering materials to build a tatooine table. Failing this happy to take the ww2 I took to bovington.
Both would be participation on a 6x4
Ok karl thanks for your fast reply ..

Not sure how many helpers both games will require but would estimate minimum of 6
We would get 5 tickets per game we put on Smile
We would like to put on 40mm Rorke's Drift as a display game.
Hi Steve that sounds like a great display game using your 40mm Zulu.

Will have a chat with you all about the games this Saturday
See you then Dave

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