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Warfare 18/19 November 2017
Entries are now open for the competitions at Reading on the above dates. There will be a FoGR competition, and the theme will be any army before 1570, but no Battle Troops with Musket, Musket*, Salvo or Impact Pistol may be used. Other competitions (including FoGAM, WRG 6th Edition, DBMM, FoW, Art de la Guerre, etc) are also available.

Competition rules pack (that's the admin rules, not the playing ones) and contact details:

The list-checker will be Tim Child, whose email is on the rule pack, or you can send your list by post to:-
Tim Child (Warfare), 6 Cotswold Close, Maidenhead, Berkshire, U.K. SL6 1XF

I've entered Patrick and myself. Anyone else interested? Might be a chance to use those "duff" armies Paul has encouraged us to assemble for our own internal competition later in the year!

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