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Yeah, there are some historical inaccuracies but if you are looking to see what it was like, this film is a must.

If you want absolute accuracy watch a documentary.

However, if you want a really good watch, this is it.

Plus, for anyone with kids/teenagers, it has Harry Styles
Watched it last night. I must admit to being under impressed.

The cinematography was great and it did have that 40's colour feel to it. But I found the timelines a bit confusing not knowing anything about the film other than the historical perspective. I didn't 'get it' until the lower shot of the pilot 'waving' out the cockpit as Rylance's boat moved in. The lack of dialogue at times led me to feeling a bit bored and wondering if I would miss anything if I left!

But some sequences were tense and terrifying that owed more to a suspense thriller than a war film. The acting was superb and understated.

I didn't mind the minor inaccuracies; what did bother me was the Rylance timeline/story. I won't say why to avoid spoilers. Did it provide a reasonable representation of what it was like; I've no real idea, but probably. Did I walk out of the cinema satisfied? 'Fraid not.

Dib Dib Dob Fish Tricycle!
They had the John Mills version on ITV4 on Friday lunchtime. Sorry, but in my book it's not a real war film unless it's a) in black and white, and b) got Sir JM in it.

Oh, and someone in The Guardian has already had a rant about the film "whitewashing" British history because there aren't enough non-white characters in it (apparently an Indian Army transport/logistics company, Lascars in the Merchant Navy, and French colonial troops were all "deliberately written out").

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