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Fire and Fury 2nd Ed changes
Hi all,
here is my summary of the changes in the new Fire and Fury rules.
1. New movement rates. Includes "double quick" bonus and different rates for Open, broken and rough ground.
2. Maneuver Table. No more "Quits the field". Replaced by "Panic" which is broken but with a chance to rally.
3. Weapons are now itemised in Musketry and Cannonade Table. i.e.different ranges and fire points for rifled and smoothbored weapons etc.
4. Firing effects. Slightly different way of calculating the modifiers. One new effect is "charge checked" which is charging unit stops 1" from target. (Ouch!).
5. Troop class now applies to shooting and melee. Choice of crack, veteran, experience and green with the usual sort of modifiers.
6. Command radius reduced to 12" for all commanders.
I think that is most of them. There are a few other minor ones. Overall the game mechanisms haven't changed but the rules have a more "grown up" feel to them.
I have a set of the rules if anyone wants to have a glance at them next meeting.
In 2 minds now about getting the upgrade.

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