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Saturday 17th June
Hello all looking for a game on Saturday will have a go at
Anything and I can be cannon fodder cheers
Dave y

I am in the same position.
What game would you like?
Is FoGA any good for you or would you like to try something else?


Captain Bob
Hiya Dave, Mr Vranch told me you were up for this WW1 on Saturday? Is that right? Bob if you fancy something different you are welcome to join in as well. Let me know guys
Cheers Kev

This is confusing.
Dave Y is asking for a game and you think he is already spoken for on the big WW1.
Dave what is the situation?

Captain Bob
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Hello bob cheers for invite to play fogr but not my cup of tea and I already said yes to Kev last nite so cheers bob
Kev yes well up for your ww1 game looking forward to it cheers see you Saturday
Thanks for getting back Dave, clarified the situation. As I said Bob, if you are up for a change you re welcome,
Thanks Both, Kev

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