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FoGR at Attack! 2017 (Devizes)
Some news for FoGR fans - having initially decided to drop FoGR (doubles) from their tournament programme this year, the Devizes committee have relented and allowed us to have a singles competition, which is being organised by Bob Medcraft of the Oxford club, assisted by yours truly.

Provisionally, the theme is 1690s western Europe; 15mm, 900 points (but singles, not doubles as in previous years). The dates are Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th July; you get two 3.5 hour games per day.

I am pretty sure that nobody at WWS has an appropriate army, unless we include later Russians and Ottomans (not sure if they are included in the theme as yet), but Bob has two or three spare armies if some of you want to give it a go. Alternatively, there's still a couple of months left for the quicker painters out there.

The FoGR tournament circuit has been plagued by low numbers this year to the point where a couple of team/doubles tournaments have been cancelled. I should stress that this is nothing to do with the proposed rule amendments, either (however, these will be used at Devizes, having been fairly successfully employed in the ECW Southern League round at Oxford on 30th April).

Anyone interested in playing, please let me know as soon as possible.

Hi Brendan,
sorry to say I won't be able to compete in this as it is July and I will be wargamed out by then. However I do have just about ready my Anglo Dutch NYW army complete with Danes and Spaniards as well, so a real UN Peace Keeping type force! Looking forward to giving it an outing soon.
John - Good news on the army front (I'm also painting up another one - Savoyard - and already have Bavarians for this part of the Renaissance). I've also put up another thread about the "Derby Worlds" two-day tournament in early October, where we are looking for a third player for a "Wessex" team, if you are interested.
Haven't seen the Derby thread Brendan
Sorry, it hasn't gone up yet as the organisers are doing some last-minute tinkering and I want to advertise the "finished product".

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