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All weekenders and food
The wurst is yet to come.....
Thank you for your comments gentlemen.

Mark C - the issue is this: asking a local cafe to provide a breakfast will incur a cost per head. Probably paid up front. Therefore numbers must be confirmed prior to the event. Also, I certainly don't have the money to pay up front and this is not going to be covered by the club. I don't see why the club should have to cover any shortfall.
I simply cannot risk organising this only to have people say they will pay only to change their minds or not pay.
Totally agree with you Darren. Shame really because it's not a big financial commitment in the big scheme of things but it's the attitude of some of the group.
Some of us really appreciate the effort you make and would fully support it. I fear there are not enough of us to make a difference though for this.
It's fine, just hope no one is expecting me to cook for anyone else this year.

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