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All weekenders and food
I want to get a general idea of what everyone would think of getting someone in to provide a proper buffet style breakfast on the Sunday morning of any weekender the club might put on.

Obviously there will be a cost attached to this and it would need to be paid up front to avoid embarrassing situations. The more people eating, the lower the cost. At the moment I can probably get £5 to £7 per head for a buffet style breakfast for 15 people.
Service would begin at 0830 and provide those that need it with a proper hangover cure.

All those interested say 'sausages'

Note: I doubt I would be able to organise this in time for the Upcoming weekender in may.
given this has 45 views now I shall assume the majority do not want this.
Darren, unfortunately some of the people who will be at the weekend event do not use our forum.

And in addition to that some of our number are somewhat parsimonious and expect something for nothing. I would love a cooked breakfast on the Sunday morning and will be more than happy to pay for it and support this so it can be done in the future.

When i went to the Penarth show in January there was a food van outside the place and it was busy all the time.

Unfortunately a lot of people are totally non commital at the club and always wait til the last moment to show any interest much like the minibus to Salute then lament why it didn't happen. If people are brought in to supply food i can guarantee members will use it
I won't be at the May "weekender", but would be interested for future events - definitely up for a big breakfast, so.....sausages!!!
I cannot make any of the weekenders this year, hence why I did not vote at first. However, I think it is a great idea Darren and vote 'sausages' for the future weekenders I can attend.

Count my sausages as well, cheers Kev
This is literally now a sausagefest

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