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Hi all Completly New to all this
Hi there my name is ken I am 25 and completly new to table top.I am 25 and living in Bishops Waltham I have always wanted to get involved and play table top is the club welcoming to new members and is there any info/ideas to get started.
Hi Ken

Basically you will find virtually every sort of game covered by players at the club.

If Historical is your thing you will find club members have armies ranging from The biblical period right up til the cold war period of the 1980's

Quite a few of the club also play Sci Fi games such as Star Wars X Wing.

Really if i was you i would look to go into gaming for a period or theme you have a passion for, regardless of what it is.

I only really play historical stuff but within that i play a few different rule sets with a few different scale of figures.

The club has it's next meeting on 6th May starting at 10am. I would suggest coming along, having a look at the games and talking to members.
Your first visit is free and hopefully you will find something you like.

Hope this helps
Thanks very much I look forward to it. Thank you for the advice.

Welcome to the club. Look forward to seeing you there.
No worries on the advice Ken, I hope it helps

Do you have a passion/interest in any particular type of theme or era?
What Mark has not said is also that we cater for all abilities, both of generalship and dice rolling!
Also scale of figures differs, from 40mm to 6mm at the least, usually depending on whether you want a skirmish or a big battle.
It is all a matter of taste and what floats your boat (little naval reference there).
I think you will find us all very friendly and you'll probably get roped into a game when you turn up.
Look forward to meeting you.
John, we are all great generals it's just the rules that don't understand our needs

But to echo what John says Ken the club is very friendly and i am sure you will find something you like
Hello Ken, Thanks for getting in touch on this forum sometimes a rather daunting step to take. I can only reiterate what the guys have said above. The club is open to all who wish to take part in what the club offers. Please do come along and see what goes on on a typical meeting day. If you have particular gaming interests we can surely point you in the right direction.
Hope to see you soon, cheers for now.

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