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17 June 2017
I have booked an all day meeting as I had been asked by some members. Doors open at 10, so plan something longer.


Thanks again Lawrence

Alas unless the heavens are going to open that day i will be running around a cricket pitch trying to recapture my youth
I thought the idea behind cricket was to run around trying to catch a ball. At least that is a feasible aim Smile
Just thought I would bump this message as people may have missed it

Doors now open at 9:00AM
Thanks Lawrence

Hello All,
Firstly please accept my apologies for the late notification of times of the meeting for the next club meeting, I.e. 17th June, it completely slipped my mind on the 3rd.

The meeting times for the 17th has been changed from a half day to a full day club meeting. The meeting time on the day will be:-

9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Please can you notify members you know who do not use the website,
Thanks in anticipation.


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Hi all

Guess who has strained/torn his left groin? Yep, bowling cricket balls has become a painful hobby.

See you all on the 17th
12mm WW1 if you fancy it mate? Penarth lads are down for the weekend, sure they would squeeze you in.
Thanks Kev, organised a FOGA game with Bob Peckham. The Penarth lads down on Friday night and all day Saturday?
Yes mate.......and Sunday.

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