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Ringwood Association of Wargamers
Hi all

For those of you that aren't getting their full share of fantasy gaming there is a new club in Ringwood that has been going since January. Ringwood Association of Wargamers (Raw) is run by an old ex Wessex member Resse along with Ben (from Black Cat Bases). The club intends to focus on one set of rules for a period of time so players have time to paint and play with their armies. The club does have players were the miniatures aren't painted and they haven't been struck down by lightning. Currently, they are playing Kings of War, which are a fun fantasy set of rules for 28mm massed battles.

I have been attending their Monday night meeting since seeing Reese at Beachhead, Darren has managed a couple of meetings.

Where: Greyfriars Community Centre, 44 Christchurch Road, Ringwood BH24 1DW.

When: Monday nights from 6pm, (try to be set up by 7pm) until 10:30pm


Regards Lawrence

PS - The Monday night meetings allow me to get my fix of the weird stuff (as Mike E used to say), and save Wessex meeting for PanzerGrenadier or Age of Eagles
For those in the Southampton area who are also suffering from the above there is a club in Southampton whose members do mostly sci-fi and fantasy (Dystopian Wars, Firestorm Armada, Warhammer 40K, 9th Age, Guildball, Gates of Antares, X-wing etc).

Club name: Southampton Sluggaz
Venue: St Denys Community Hall, Horseshoe Bridge (near St Denys Station, opposite Junction pub)
Meeting times: every Friday evening 6 - 11pm
The club can be found on facebook at "Southampton Sluggaz"
Thanks for the information Mark.

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