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fog-r update
didn't realize some of the rules had changed!! which way are we going?
steveb Wink  
Don't worry about the rule changes Steve, they are only proposals at the moment so nothing has changed officially. From a straw poll I did about a month ago WWS FOGR players are not too keen on most of the changes but we will wait and see what is officially adopted later this year.
ok was a bit worried i mite have to splash out on some new rules
steveb Wink  
Some of them are tournament-related (eg captured artillery, artillery deploying first, x bases of foot per medium/heavy gun base), others don't affect certain eras such as Italian Wars (eg commanded shot), and a few are weapon/points changes which make certain troop types better/cheaper (eg points reductions for Determined Horse, melee weapon for Polish winged hussars). A lot of them are being tried out in the ECW competition at Oxford at the end of April, and possibly in one or two national competitions before then, so we'll know more in due course.

As Paul says, there is nothing written in stone yet - and even then, there's nothing to say we have to adopt all of them for our private club games.
Quote:ok was a bit worried i mite have to splash out on some new rules

Whatever happens there is no new rule set, they will be issued as a free PDF download.

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