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Fat Wally's Removable Flags
Another article you might find useful, removable flags.

1) Basically cut out the flag. I mostly use flags that I've obtained free on the net.

2) Use a Pritt/glue stick and then fold the flag around a needle. I use an old cork with a needle stuck sharp pointy end in as my flag folding device.

3) Once this is done slide the flag off the needle and set aside to dry. Don't fold into shapes yet!

4) Once dry trim off any excess white bits that are obvious and paint the edges so that there is no white showing.

5) When this is dry, gloss varnish the flag. This is vital. It stops the print flaking off when you try to fold it (but don't fold it yet see step 6)

6) Allow to dry fully.

5) Now typically Peter Pig staves, and lots of other manufacturers too, are not long enough for the flags. Cut off the finial and stick it in the top end of your flag.

6) Put the flag back on the needle and create the folds. The flag is quite stiff, but not too stiff so you can be quite brutal as the varnish should stop the paint flaking off.

7) Slide back on the figures flag stave. The flag should be stiff enough to not damage and easy enough to remove.

[Image: icon_cool.gif] When you varnish the figure with Matt spray, or brush on, make sure you do the flag too. It might need a couple of coats.

9) A really nice touch is to add bullet holes. Simply heat another needle (stuck in a cork, but blunt end first) until its glowing orange hot. I use the gas cooker. Push the pointy end into the flag and waggle it about. it will burn through with a hole looking like a bullet has gone through. Try to do it through the hole both sides. You can also fray the trailing edge of the flag by doing the same. Its a nice touch. See pic below for example. ... ort=3&o=12

Hope that helps too.



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