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Stonehenge - BDAWC
As it's a new members thread, I thought it might be good to say 'Hi'.

I'm Tim and tend to go to the Boscombe Down & Amesbury club (Tuesday evenings), as travel can be difficult, but occasionally game with peeps from Winchester, Portsmouth and elsewhere. However, I'm a 'Gate Builder' for Warlord's 'Beyond the Gates of Antares' SF game so if anyone is interest in BtGoA, then do get in touch.

I don't just do SF, though and do quite enjoy ECW (Pike & Shotte, 28mm - Royalist) and Napoleonic 1:1200 (Langton Fast Play mixed with full play - English, French, Dutch). mCurrently also looking at Dragon Rampant (Osprey, Fantasy 28mm) to see how they go, too.
Hi, Tim welcome to the forum

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