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FAO Mr D Vranch

How do these work for you for starters??

Not sure how good they would look blown up.

[Image: 32861760041_afab6a7918_c.jpg]MapofEuropein1812 with hex by phil_yates, on Flickr

[Image: 32832115462_298fdb616f_c.jpg]europe-1812-french-empire. with Hex by phil_yates, on Flickr
Thanks mate they do look nice and they would be perfect for NAP stuff, BUT Could you do a Topographical cloth on the lines of this

But  I think this 1 is mee fav (if you could zoom it in a bit so we get Italy at the bottom and Spain on the left and see what you get up at the top and see how much of Russia you get Smile that would work for me Wink

If i get  it like the above, then we-I can use it for any period

Many thanks dave . are you at the club saturday?

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