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Couldn't make it up!
LOL.....Un-feckin-believable. FFS.
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That ranks alongside those anti-war protesters who turn up at wargames shows
There be after our brushes next !
(01-30-2017, 08:02 PM)Karl Wrote:  There be after our brushes next !

Well, someone has to think of those poor, defenceless, nylon badgers....

(Good job they don't know what we do with teddy bear fur.)
You'd have thought that PETA would have realised that it was fake fur!!!!!!!!!!!! Or are badgers plastic? Now I'm confusing myself.
OH DEAR! Just when i though i Had finished my Zulu's wearing leather and fur I now have to change them all. I think Bright pink plastic should do the trick. Anyone for some gay looking Zulu's Smile
Shoots you sir!
Hmmm. You couldn't make it up?... It's actually worse.

As a former vegetarian and all round bleeding heart lefty liberal, I had respected PETAs stance on non meat industry fur products. However, where fur is a by product of the meat industry, I do not have a problem. But here PETA seems to not to have appreciated their own policies or information on their website (see links below). It had occurred to me that PETA were against any representation of fur products, so when I read Karl's post I thought, "OK I can see a logic to its Warhammer stance". BUT, the links below make it clear that they do not have such a stance and recognise, nay, provide succour to those wearing 'fake' fur.

So, Warhammer, pick up a pen and request, nay DEMAND, 25mm scale PETA stickers so our armies may stride the multiverses of 6x4 and know that real Space Marines would never think of harming defenceless lifeforms, ...unless they have a bolt gun!

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I automatically oppose anyone who tries to make my choices for me.

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