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No Armada game Jan 14
Unfortunately or fortunately (take your pick), I will be playing WW2 so it down to somebody else to organise a game.

I will most likely be playing Armada the follow meeting.


Thanks to a very generous Santa Claus I've probably got enough ships to run several games ( including several ships we've yet to use) if people are still interested in armada?

The one thing I don't have and would possibly need to borrow would be a star/battlemat.......

Failing that I could always bring along bloodbowl, xwing or has anyone ever played dreadfleet?

There are 4boards painted black in the store room. But I will try and remember my cloth so you can borrow it.
Cheers Law, really need to think about getting one myself....
Darren mark and Adam it turn out are also playing panzergrenadier. So don't rely upon them for opponents. If you don't get anybody them you are welcome to play ww2 with us.

I will be playing Armada the following meeting as I will want to run a few scenarios for the Bournemouth wargames show in February. As always players are welcome.
No problem, it was just incase anyone else still wanted to play Armada on the 14th I have enough ships to organise a game but if no ones interested then I'll leave armada for another time.

Okay I will try and remember not to bring the cloth
Sorry guys, wwii will have to wait for me the wife's car has had a fairly catastrophic problem leaving us with only the 1 car tommorrow which she needs so I'll be unable to get over to Southampton tomorrow for the game. Have fun, see you guys next time- hopefully.
See you next meeting
Missed a good ww2 game.

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