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They Died For Glory war-games rules
Hi all,
I have just ordered a set of these rules from Dave Lanchester for the bargain price of £15. He normally charges £18. If anyone else wants a set let me know by this Sunday 8th and I will increase the order.
If you don't know the rules they are for Franco Prussian War games and they are great. Don't take my word for it ask Kev Smith or Mark Callow.
Seconded John, a very good set of rules which give a quick playable game which is very "bloody"
Cheers Kev
Great set.
Had never played any Franco Prussian before but these rules were superb.

Very simple to understand and use.
John, can you order a set of the rules for me please? Cheers.
Done Mark B
Hi John, bit late I know but we are putting on a game on Saturday with TDFG if you are interested?
Cheers Kev

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